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Probe 1.0 - Project Mercury - Demo (CDr)

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  1. This manual covers two versions: Spacecraft No. 7 (MR-3, or “Freedom 7”) used by Alan Shepard during his suborbital flight on May 5, , and Spacecraft No. 13 (MA-6, or “Friendship 7”) used by John Glenn during his.
  2. Introduction Because Mercury is so close to the Sun, it is hard to directly observe from Earth except during dawn or twilight, when the Sun's brightness doesn't outshine little Mercury. However, 13 times each century, observers on Earth can watch Mercury pass across the face of the Sun, an event called a transit. These rare transits fall within several days of 8 May and 10 .
  3. the Mercury job requirements. Particularly desired were individuals who had sufficient experience inaircraft-development operations to make immediate contributions to the Project Mercury program. On this basis, the following criteria were adopted as the mininum re-quirements for qualification as a Project Mercury Astronaut: i. Age - less than File Size: 2MB.
  4. Draft Jan Cepela Inclusion of opponent’s comments Jan Cepela Document enhancements Petr Gajdos Document enhancements Jan Cepela Document enhancements Petr Gajdos Document enhancements Peter Sluka
  5. Revision Page 2 of 29 Warning this product Please Note The specifications of the product detailed on this Set-Up Guide may change without notice. RDM Ltd. shall not be liable for errors or for incidental or consequential damages, directly and indirectly, in connection with the furnishing, performance or misuse of this product or document.
  6. The THREE FUNCTION MERCURY PROBE is available in three basic versions: 1. Model , with 6" ( mm) diameter measurement platform. This model is useful for small wafers. The Model can accommodate wafers up to 6" ( mm) in diameter. 2. Model with 8" ( mm) diameter measurement.

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