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B.L.A.B.(Ballin Like A Bitch) - DJ Nonkey - Swag Champs (CD)

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  1. Apr 20,  · Ballin' Lyrics: Ballin' like I'm Stockton / Fucking on a thot, my pockets stuffed up just like stockings / Smoking on the cookie, I got diamonds water moccassin / Niggas get to talkin', yeah that.
  2. Aug 24,  · Artist: Frank Sin - Mixtape: Life Like A Movie pt. 2 - Song: Ballin Like A Biiaatch-.
  3. like this. TZ Comment by young_Guwoop. balinggg! in ddaaa tex! i keep balling! ballig down tha nawwf! ima ballaa! ma money geting tallaa! like a ballaa! trapaaaa allaaa! TZ Comment by Jonathan Wykoff. You don't listen, but bang screw. TZ Comment by PLATINUM PRINCESS. This was my ish.
  4. Bitch I'm ballin'! I'm chipped off like cracked teeth Still hood, still pack heat Used to wait for that bus ride now I ride around in my back seat I'm a nightmare, just ask Meek Flaptop, mad swag, niggas sharkin' in cat features Chubby, yeah, fly as hell Hot as hell so I ain't on ya, gold chain like slick Rick More rings than Pat O'Reilly.
  5. Ballin' in the mix, everything gotten broke, Lil' Keke gon' fix I keep ballin', ballin' in the mix I'm a pimp, not a trick, hittin' licks for my fricks Ballin', Ballin' in the mix Herschelwood click and you niggas can't forget that we Ballin', Ballin' in the mix If you don't like .
  6. Jul 20,  · DJ Screw - Chapter 76 - Black Hearted Side A 1 Rakim - It's Been A Long Time (Freestyle - ESG, Ronnie Spencer) 2 Rakim - It's Been A Long Time 3 Ice Cub.
  7. An while she choose like that, that’s what the money do right An you go wife dat bitch, you bout dat honeymoon life I crack a bitch like a whip, might kick a bitch out ma whip Just to show em my kicks, like these shit got some grip Ima ima hop in dat 7 an you go hop in dat 6 Ima pull out dis 5 an pop a 4 in dat bitch.

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