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Weigh Yourself In Water - Antithesis (6) / Cutting Pink With Knives - Cutting Pink With Knives / Antithesis (Vinyl)

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  7. Populuxxe was also released as a limited edition 10" vinyl from Isomorph Records (founded by British graphic design artist Kate Moross). In August , BBC 6 Music and BBC Radio 1 aired a live session with Cutting Pink With Knives. Several songs from Populuxxe were Genres: Cybergrind, electropop, mathcore, .
  8. Following a multitude of low-key releases, which culminated in the much talked about album (Oh Wow!) on leftfield electronica label ADAADAT, the evolution of these trans-national kids takes another significant step forward with the new Cutting Pink with Knives album, Populuxxe out on the 27th September on Holy Roar (Gallows, Rolo Tomassi, Chronicles of Adam West).
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